Dairy Farmers:
Thick & Creamy

Driving trial and awareness with grocery shoppers

The Client

An iconic brand in the Australia food industry, Dairy Farmers have been creating dairy products since the early 1900s. However, in the past few years they've been facing increased pressure from competitors, specifically in the yoghurt category, seeing declined sales and positioning in a tumultuous marketplace.

The Ask

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy product line is losing its premium positioning in the flavoured yoghurt category; a food niche that is both cluttered, and facing a trend decline. The vast majority of sales are on price-promoted goods, and market research shows that consumers don't know how or when to eat Thick & Creamy.

Dairy Farmers approached The Urban List to help establish a genuine connection among a new target audience, get on the consideration list of a new generation of grocery buyers looking for a "generous helping", and increase purchase intent with millennials.

The Activation

The Urban List knew their audience would love Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yoghurt; they just needed to find a way to drive both product awareness and trial.

A 3-month campaign was devised, centred around an activation that would see The Urban List create a Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Dollop Bar, parking at high foot-traffic locations across Melbourne, giving away indulgent yoghurt pots.

The activation put the new Thick & Creamy yoghurt in front of their target audience, showcasing the suite of flavours and the generous way they're served.

The activation was promoted through The Urban List website, social channels and email database, driving seriously high uptake.

The Content

Launching at the same time as the inaugural Dollop Bar activation, The Urban List also created the "Indulgent Content Hub". Establishing a clear alignment to their brand messaging, the Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy-owened hub was created to host their custom content series, as well as any other indulgent foodie-style content The Urban List published during the campaign period.

The Urban List teamed up with three well-known Australian chefs to go "behind the kitchen", looking at how they create some of their more indulgent dishes, and successfully integrating Dairy Farmers messaging around generosity.

Three social videos were created to best tell this story, and The Urban List audience lapped up the #foodporn.


The Results.

The Urban List activation not only drove awareness and provided a sampling opportunity for would-be consumers, it also provded a real opportunity for customer to interact with the brand/product through user-generated content—spreading the activation far beyond just the people in attendance.

The Urban List were able to deliver a digital marketing campaign that reached over 2.5 million in two markets, on social media alone. 


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