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How Brands Can “Do Good” With Purpose

Gone are the days where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was a nice-to-have on a boardroom meeting agenda. It’s 2018, “doing good” is here to stay and millennials are sick of brands just talking about it.

Brought up in the fastest evolving decade, millennials have been well researched: from their spending habits and interests, to why they choose one brand over another, and just how important CSR is to them. With little government trust, millennials are backing bigger brands to take centre stage and use their power for good. It makes sense that they are increasingly focused on the world that they and the next generations will one day inherit.

But what is it that millennials want your brand to do?

We’ll Do Good, You’ll Do Good.

Doing good in their own right is just as important as their brand expectations. But with rising costs of living not matching their desired lifestyle, they’re turning to their social feeds rather than their wallets.

What if helping millennials do good was the thing they desired the most?

We’ve recognised a new way to connect with the market—by providing our readers with the platform to give back as well as create opportunities for brands to align with the doing good movement.

The Engagement Sweet Spot

Not only has The Urban List gained market share over this generation, we’ve come to understand how to connect with them in a unique and powerful way. When looking for product options to help us connect through doing good, there were three stats that really stood out and helped push us in the right direction.

  • 68% of millennials say creating change in the world is a personal goal (Enso, 2017)
  • 78% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than “stuff” (Harris, 2015)
  • 80% of our audience action our recommendations every month (The Urban List Reader Survey, 2016)

From here, The Urban List’s LOVE.FOOD experiential event was born.

LOVE.FOOD harnesses millennials’ desire for meaningful experiences and provides them with an opportunity to do good while having a good time.

We knew bringing the two together would cut through the noise, creating a destination where not only could brands achieve the kudos of connecting with a cause, but also reinvent the “do good” moment.

Last month we teamed up with Dress For Success for International Women’s Day to host the ultimate inspirational lunch. Set in the stunning Sydney Opera House, 160 guests were treated to amazing food by Solotel Group, and a panel discussion from some of Australia’s leading ladies of fashion. The event was a sell out, and 20% of all ticket sales were donated to Dress For Success, helping empower women around Australia. Guests walked away feeling inspired, full, and knowing that by purchasing a ticket to that event they have helped at least one woman in Australia on her path to thriving in work and live.

The Opportunity

There are another four LOVE.FOOD events planned for 2018 and four opportunities for brands to tap into this sweet spot.

The perfect opportunity to:

  • Position your brand to millenials as one that “does good”
  • Provide a platform for this market to actually engage with your brand as opposed to just reading about it
  • Leverage The Urban List influence and reach to spread the word and build brand affinity

Each event will see readers and brands connect over shared plates and shared social causes—empowering brands to raise awareness for the causes close to their heart.

If you’re sitting there thinking this is something your brand has to be a part of, get in touch with your Sales & Partnership Manager now to find out more info.

Jade Dunwoody
Strategy Director
The Urban List